How It All Started

I remember buying my first domain ( and it cost more than £50 And that’s all I got! I then had to figure out how to get a website up. The company I bought it from only sold domains, so in the end I got it transferred to UK2 (who were a lot cheaper) and bought some web space. With the help from my brother, we put a page up – I then went home and edited it with FrontPage and I was off. I had lots of web space – 20Mb in all and my website was less than 2Mb so I thought why not go round a few local small businesses and see it they would like a page on the internet for the price of a domain name. I could then charge for a domain and URL frame it over to a directory of my web space and all for £50

Every business I approached turned me down but they were all interested. I followed up with a letter and it worked with one so I was in business. I managed to get 5 businesses on my web space and thought I need to be able to offer people an option to get everything needed to get yourself on the internet in a very cost effective manner.

I saw a competition for a years resellers account in a PC magazine and entered but didn’t win! So I bought a years resellers and with a little research into SEO I put a horrible looking website together and was offering a generous 25Mb web space with your domain registration. I was not getting many visitors maybe 20 a day and shortly after went on holiday. On holiday there was an internet cafe at one bar so I checked my emails and stats and I had a few orders and my visitors were up to over 1000 a day and growing. The very first resellers account customer that signed up is still with us today ( and many of our early days clients are still too.

Over the years Domainsrush grew and the web space allowance grew to to 50Mb. Shortly afterwards the resellers hosting company started charging me for bandwidth at a ridiculous rate, which forced me into leasing a dedicated server off them. This was very expensive but with the rising cost of my bandwidth usage it worked out cheaper. That was all fine until the server got filled up with so many websites it started getting slow and then crashing once in a while! I had to get another reseller account with another company and switch the vast majority of accounts over (Nightmare). My tip is to not go the dedicated server way unless you are a very large business.

Over time the dedicated server became so unstable I was left with no option but to transfer the remaining accounts to another resellers package. At this time we increased the web space allowance to 250Mb web space with your domain registration. Since then troubles have been few and far between.

Today we still offer the same deal, PayPal domain registration with everything included to get yourself on the internet.
You can also pay by cheque or BACS.

Our goal is also the same. To help people and businesses get on the internet in the most cost effective and efficient way. And now with 1000Mb web space with your domain registration.